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Many business owners fail to realize that commercial cleaning equipment as an important investment for their companies. When you have decided to buy your own floor scrubbing equipment instead of renting it on a temporary basis, you want to ensure that this equipment will benefit your company for years. Adding an industrial floor scrubber to a cleaning program is a sound investment; the labor savings brought about by using a machine over manual labor can far exceed the cost of the equipment.

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If you are in the market for new scrubbers for your business, it pays to know how to choose the right equipment and how to keep it in the best condition possible to ensure maximum use.

If you are new to choosing commercial cleaning equipment for your business, you may find it daunting choosing from all of the available options. You can take comfort in knowing that the selection process is like that of any other major purchase, and we will be happy to help you navigate the options available.

First, you determine what purpose you need the equipment for and where it will make the most sense to invest your time and money.

Secondly you need to set a budget for the equipment. Be realistic here and take into account other savings on efficiency and staffing that a more efficient unit can bring you. If you don’t know what the equipment can do for you, give us a call and we will be happy to walk you through the efficiency and time savings that can be brought to your business.

If you have a tight budget, you might want to consider used floor scrubbers properly maintained, used scrubbers perform just as well as their newer counterparts and cost less to boot.

Now once you have your goal and budget, go ahead and pick the equipment suited to your needs.

Scrubbers come in two primary models: ride-on and push. A ride-on scrubber is just that, one that you ride on as you clean floors. A push scrubber, on the other hand, can be guided by someone walking behind it. Both models have their advantages that can make them handy additions to your business.

A push scrubber may be ideal if you have a smaller area to keep clean. A ride-on scrubber can be perfect if your business has expansive floor spaces that would otherwise take a long time to clean thoroughly with a push scrubber.

Once you select the right tool for the job, take into consideration how often these scrubbers need to be maintained and what parts they consume. For example, most of these units will need to be fitted with new parts like belts and hoses regularly if you want them to perform as expected. Scrubber brushes will likewise need to be replaced as soon as they wear out or get debris like glass shards embedded in them. Take good care of your floor scrubbers, and they can last for years.

Things to consider when you purchase.

Size or Portability

Floor scrubbers have become an indispensable tool in most businesses, let us help you pick out the perfect one for your needs. Check out our Top Sellers page to get you started.

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