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CA60 20B ORB 130 WET OBC
Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers

Effective cleaning performance – the next generation of Clarke® Autoscrubbers The Clarke® CA60 series of Autoscrubbers takes cleaning performance to a whole new level. The CA60 features BOOST® technology that applies up to 110 pounds of down pressure for one pass cleaning and the ability to remove floor finish to greater depths than ever before.

BOOST® your cleaning performance
Productivity is greatly enhanced with the 24-inch BOOST head and large 16-gallon tanks for long range cleaning and fewer dump and refills.

20 inch disc and 20 or 24 inch orbital scrub decks available
Brush assist or traction offered on 20” disc for versatility
BOOST® Deck Leveling System ensures uniform pad pressure front to back for even cleaning
Fully accessible recovery tank with debris catch cage allows for simple cleanup
Optional Chemical Mixing System results in lower cost of ownership
Intuitive control panel display for ease of operation
Wet or AGM 24 V battery choices

wet dry Vac
Summit Pro® 18SQ Wet/Dry Vacuum with Squeegee Kits

Wet/dry vacuuming versatility and value You really can have high quality, high performance and high value in the same wet/dry vacuum. The Clarke® Summit Pro® 18SQ Wet/Dry Vac is the one vacuum for almost every job.

Simple. Rugged. Affordable. A high capacity tank and integrated front-mounted squeegee give you high productivity water pickup for big jobs. And when you need to take on dust in tight places, the 9-foot hose and rugged, stainless wand—conveniently stored in a large, onboard storage area—are ready for action. It’s wet/dry vac versatility at its best.

18-gallon capacity maximizes cleanup productivity
Integrated 24-inch, front-mounted squeegee quickly removes messes
10-inch wheels make even stair navigation easy
Includes 5-piece tool kit and 9-foot hose with onboard storage to make switching cleanup modes fast and easy

SA40 20B A150 OBC PH Rider Floor Scrubbers

Take a stand for higher floor cleaning performance and productivity Designed for reliable, efficient floor cleaning, the Clarke® SA40™ Stand-On Disc Scrubber provides a flexible, extremely maneuverable and compact solution for small- to medium-size areas. Maximize your cleaning productivity with a 12-gallon solution tank and low flow rate, which provides up to 75 minutes of scrub time without refilling. In addition, you can increase down pressure on the cleaning pad to 75 pounds to clean problem areas fast.

True Blue™ sustainability and reliability The Clarke SA40 Scrubber is designed to clean with minimal consumption of detergent and water, helping you reduce your cost to clean, without compromising performance or the environment. And like all Clarke autoscrubbers, the Clarke SA40 features low noise levels, enhanced operator ergonomics, onboard chargers and superior water pickup to make sure you’re left with clean, dry, safe floors.

Large, 12-gallon solution tank combined with a low flow rate provide up to 75 minutes of scrub time between refills Solution flow rate control located right at your fingertips allows you to select from low, medium or high rates to match the cleaning level needed without stopping Easy-to-read, LCD graphical display allows you to easily control all scrubbing parameters—brush pressure, solution flow and vacuum—with individual buttons Clam-Shell Design minimizes footprint, while making charging and storage easy


Stand-On Scrubber
Nobles - Tennant
Speed Scrub 350 Stand-On Scrubber

Enjoy category-leading productivity rates and maneuver around tight corners and furniture or fixtures easily with the nimble Speed Scrub® 350. A variety of thoughtful features and options make this stand-on scrubber a smart choice for your facility.

CLEANING PATH 20 IN / 500 MM, 24 IN / 600 MM

Rider Floor Scrubber
Nobles Speed Scrub Rider Floor Scrubber

The Nobles Speed Scrub® Rider Floor Scrubber cleans large and small floors and environments. Add Tennant’s ec-H2O NanoClean® technology or FaST® Foam-activated Scrubbing Technology and reduce water and detergent use.

CLEANING PATH 26 IN / 650 MM, 28 IN / 700 MM, 32 IN / 800 MM

walk scrubber
Nobles Speed Scrub 500 Walk-Behind Scrubber

Clean virtually any hard surface condition to maximize return on investment with a wide range of cleaning options and configurations. Make battery maintenance safer with the new optional Smart-Fill™ automatic battery watering system. The reliable Speed Scrub® 500 Walk-Behind Scrubber provides the right solution for your application with its versatile design, easy to use controls and durable components. 

CLEANING PATH 26 IN / 650 MM, 28 IN / 700 MM, 32 IN / 800 MM

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Pioneer Eclipse

Propane Floor Stripper
440ST Stripping Machine - Propane Floor Stripper 

The 440ST is a powerful, propane powered floor stripping machine that removes finishes faster than any other machine on the market. The 440ST uses two counter rotating drivers that effectively remove floor finishes faster than any other machine on the market. The Rok-bak™ feature allows operators to quickly change pads and brushes while its sleek, ergonomic design make the machine simple and easy to operate.
Dual counter-rotating drivers
Quick-change pads and brushes
Simple and easy operation.

Low Speed Floor Buffer
Pioneer Eclipse 225FP 20" Low Speed Floor Buffer

The 225FP is a corded floor care machine powered by a 1.5 HP UL approved high torque motor and equipped with a triple planetary gearbox. Available in two widths, 17 inches and 20 inches, the 225FP produces up to 6,000 square feet and 7,000 square feet of polished floor per hour, respectively. The machine comes equipped with a pad holder.

The machine comes equipped with a padholder and is available with an optional solution tank.

Propane Burnisher
400 Series Propane Burnisher

A basic workhorse with the performance and safety features of higher priced machines. The 420BU is available in four different widths – 21, 24, 28, & 40 inches (53, 61, 71, and 102 cm, respectively). Each model comes standard with a 12-volt on board electric starter and clutch. A passive vacuum and EcoSense emissions monitoring system are optional at extra charge (active vacuum is standard on the 40″ model).

Powered by an 18-HP, 603 cc Kawasaki engine, the 420BU uses 34 percent less fuel and requires 40 percent fewer oil changes than other machines in its class.


Viper AS710R
Viper AS710R/AS850R

A medium-sized ride-on scrubber dryers and the perfect solution for scrubbing and drying in heavy-traffic areas.

Ideally suited for daily indoor cleaning in
mid-sized areas of railway stations, parking areas, shopping malls, exhibition centers, schools, hotels, public institutions and other commercial environments larger than 5000m².

They are ideal for cleaning all kind off floors such as tiled floor, vinyl floor, sealed wood floor, marble, concrete etc.

wet dry Vac
Viper AS5160

A highly productive walk-behind scrubber dryer with high battery endurance and tank capacity to clean for hours. Being easy and comfortable to use with their ergonomic design, these robust machines are ready for an in-depth performance on indoor surfaces.

Ideal for cleaning in hotels and restaurants, bus and train stations, factories, supermarkets, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, and other institutions.

With a working width of 51 cm and a powerful 450 W brush motor, these machines will get the job done with both speed and ease. 

Fang 28


Optimal cleaning results on large surfaces Designed for scrubbing and drying in tough and dirty environments such as construction sites or industrial areas.

Benefits of FANG 26T/FANG 28T Scrubbers

26 and 28 inch cleaning paths
17 gallon solution and recovery tanks
Up to 150 pounds of pad pressure
Traction drive operation
Forward and reverse speeds
Fingertip controls make cleaning fast and easy
Cast aluminum parabolic squeegee
5-year parts and 2-year labor warranty


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